Detail Services

Full Hand Wash
$30 - $50*

We start by hand washing your entire vehicle with our

Foam Cannon, Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitts

and Foaming Soaps!

We then hand dry your vehicle with Microfiber towels and compressed air to get all the water in the nooks and crannies!

Followed by an application of dressing to your tires.

We then completely vacuum the interior of your vehicle, including the trunk, followed by a dressing of your interior dash, center console, and doors and a streak-free cleaning of your windows inside and out!

Full Wax Detail
$90 - $120*

This package includes the Full Hand Wash Package along with a complete hand waxing of your vehicle.

Every painted surface is waxed.

Clean Microfiber towels are used to remove the wax and

ensure your paint is not damaged.

Complete Interior Detail
$110 - $160**

This package includes the Full Hand Wash Package along with a complete interior detailing of your vehicle.

We shampoo your carpets (trunk included), seats, and floor mats.

We treat your leather interior with cleaner and conditioner.

We also deep clean your doors, dash, and center console.

We get that deep down dirt out so your vehicle interior looks and smells amazing!

Complete Exterior Detail
$145 - $185*

This package begins with the Full Hand Wash Package.

We then polish your entire vehicle with our "Dual Action" rotary polisher, which brings the shine back to your vehicle.

After polishing, we hand wax your vehicle to protect the clear coat and paint, and really make your vehicle shine! 

We also polish your vehicle's rims and chrome trim.

Complete Headlight Restoration

Driving with faded headlights can put you at risk!

We can bring the clarity back to your headlights for a

fraction of the cost of replacing them.

We perform a triple stage "Wet Sand" your headlight surface by hand to remove build up and restore a smooth finish. 

Then we polish your headlights to completely restore your headlights to that BRAND NEW look!

And finally we apply a sealant to protect your headlights!

Complete Engine Detail

We can Fully Detail your engine bay and have it looking amazing in as little as 30 minutes!

We start by protecting any components that should not get wet.

(Most modern vehicles, 1995 and newer, are actually well protected from being damaged during an engine cleaning).

Second, we apply a liberal coating of an engine cleaning chemical that breaks down dirt and grime.

After allowing the chemical to do it's work, we use soft brushes to thoroughly clean the engine.

We then rinse your engine bay and use Microfiber towels along with compressed air to dry your engine.

And finally, we apply a water based dressing to your engine giving it that "Showroom" look once again!

Complete Vehicle Detail
$250 - $350**

This is our most comprehensive detailing package available!

This package includes ALL OF OUR SERVICES!

The Complete Exterior Package!

The Complete Interior Package!

The Complete Headlight Restoration!

The Complete Engine Detail!

With this detail package, EVERY part of your vehicle is detailed.

Your car's paint will shine after the polishing and waxing.

Your interior will look and smell incredible.

Your headlights will look brand new.

Even your engine will sparkle!

*Pricing is based on the size of the vehicle.
Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Buses, Aircraft and similar over-sized vehicles are extra.
**There will be an extra charge for vehicles with EXTREMELY dirty interiors due to the amount of time and amount of chemicals the detailing will take.
Please call us with pricing questions. We will be happy to accommodate you! Thank you!